Sullivan's Island Elementary School

Coastal Environment P艺术ial Magnet

  • Im年龄 of Susan King, Principal.
    Susan King, Principal


  • Sullivan’s Island Elementary provides a safe, 有爱心的, and academically challenging learning environment with the guidance of our school vision: To grow inquiry-based learners equipped with the skills to explore and contribute as stewards of our world and environment.

    Nestled just behind a maritime forest and directly adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, our school is a Constituent Magnet with the school-wide theme of Coastal Environment Studies. Through the coastal environment lens, students eng年龄 in authentic math and science experiences in two specialized wet labs, explore the adjoining nature trail/beach, and develop a sense of independence and responsibility in our school garden. 学生 regularly create models, work in groups to solve problems and share their ideas through speaking, 写作, 画, 和技术. Our three coastal environment teachers work closely with classroom teachers to focus on cross-disciplinary science instruction.

    Special Area classes at Sullivan’s Island Elementary include a Spanish Exposure program, 艺术, 音乐, 体育课, coastal environment, 和技术.